Double opening or closing system by Touch code key or Secret number
Lock N' Role has the double opening and closing system for Touch code key or Secret number to open and close. As it has a secret number, you can open the door even if you lose the Touch code key or don't carry a Touch code key. You can use the Touch code key if you are worried about revealing the secret number.

Convenient One-Touch system
Children and elderly people as well as the general public can access this system effortlessly because of its easy-to-use One-Touch system.

Voice sound
Lock N' Role gives voice to user when the door opens, closes, inputs wrong secret number and the exchanging time of battery.

Self inspection
This product has the self inspection system that let you know of any machine disorder and of the exchanging time of the battery through an alarm sound.

Easy registration of key
A maximum of 10 people can register for use of the Touch code key. Any additional or replacement key can be registered at any time.